Development System

Development System

The fruit is used to make the Extra Virgin Olive Oil in our cooperative, obtained by healthy olives from the olive flight only, it means that the olives harvested directly from the tree and set out on canvas or mesh to avoid coming into contact with the ground, are delivered on the same day in the cooperative and milled within 24 hours of collection to avoid disruptions that danger the quality.

The first operation which we submit to the olive fruit is the cleaning in order to process of preparing the fruit in the best condition. Then following the steps of grinding and mixing, the mass temperature does not exceed 30 °. The oil extraction process consists in centrifuging the paste whipped into a decanter, two outputs are produced in the process of separating the oil on one hand and on the other the waste residue, after getting the oil passed and subsequently clarifiers stored in the warehouse in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 18 º and 20 º.

Process of elaboration

The manufacturing process of our extra virgin olive oil starts at the tree and ends with storing, controlling all phases:

• Good practices conducted in the olive (olives grown with integrated production techniques through technical advice).
• Careful preparation in the Oil process according to the provisions of the "Designation of Origin Sierra de Cazorla" (Collection and selection of fruit, suitable temperatures no more than 30 º, olive mill within 24 hours of receiving etc. )
• Along with the benefits of the weather in this mountain area (dry Mediterranean climate). All these details involved in the end result: our Extra Virgin Olive Oil "HERNANDEZ PICÓN".

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