Integrated Production

Integrated Production

Integrated Production symbolizes our company's commitment to the environment and the quality of our products.

Because it is a food production system that fully fits the resources and natural regulations of mechanisms and ensures a long-term, viable and sustainable agriculture.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced under green commitment Integrated production is good, outstanding:

GOOD FOR QUALITY: because it passes through strict quality controls

GOOD FOR YOUR WARRANTIES: because it is produced under biological control techniques to ensure a maximum food safe.

GOOD FOR NATURE: because it is produced respecting the environment and maximizing natural resources.

All of our cooperative partners are cultivating their fields under Integrated Production techniques, invoking the specific regulation of this growing, and leaning on a Technical Consulting specializes on it, allowing us to produce a high quality oil.

The Junta of Andalusia, regional government supports us with the seal of Integrated Production. We focus on quality and food safety to offer the market a product with all the guarantees and also this "outstanding".

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